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Oh no! Did that just happen? You locked your keys in your car! Has this happened to you? Does it sound familiar?  Or what about that huge pothole that’s more like a crater that you didn’t see until the last minute and couldn’t avoid? Yep, the one that has now made your tire flat or worse, done some serious damage to your vehicle. Or the dreaded sound of a dead car battery? That click, click…then nothing. You need the best tow truck service in Norfolk to come and help you out.

It happens. But when it does happen, it’s at the worst possible time. It’s when you’re on your way to your daughter’s hockey game, and when you’re already running late. Or you’re on your way to an important meeting with your boss, and your car breaks down on the side of the highway. Or what if you run out of gas?


Now you are saying to yourself, I need a tow truck near me now!

You need a tow, or a boost, or some fuel, or a roadside tire change. It’s an important call; you want to get someone who will be there quickly, you need someone you can trust to get you on your way, to do the job that needs to be done and get you on your way. You need to make sure that your first phone call is to the company that has the highly trained drivers, the company with the best and most up to date tow truck equipment. The ones who know what they are doing. Call Norfolk towing services for the best and most affordable tow truck service in the Norfolk, Virginia area.


Norfolk Towing Services is the phone call you need to make! We will come to you with the assistance you need. Our professional drivers will change your tire, boost that dead battery, bring you gas or diesel to your vehicle, or tow you to a service centre. Need your car towed to our full service collision center? Yes, we have one of those. If you’re shopping for a mechanic let us know, we’ll get you hooked up with our professionals and you’ll see why we are the best.



We Pash Cash For Your Old Junker!

Have a clunker that you need to get rid of? Do you have an eye sore on the front lawn that you really need to get rid of but don’t know who to call or how to get rid of it? Call us! We will give you cash for your scrap vehicle. Yes, we’ll give you cash. We’ll come to you with one of our trucks, remove your old broken down vehicle and give you cash. No fuss, and you get rid of that old clunker. What other tow company offers that service on top of everything else?



Our professional team of qualified and experienced drivers is proud to serve the City of Norfolk and the surrounding areas.  We are the best, top quality, professional towing service that you can count on for all of your towing needs, near or far. Whether it’s a battery boost, tire change, roadside assistance, all you need to do is place one call and that will get you connected to everything you and your vehicle need.

Do you need your prized possession, your baby, your pride and joy moved? We do that! We’ll handle your baby with care, and get it to its destination. We can take that car near or far, and we’ll do it with best of care. That’s what kind of quality service we offer all customers, every time.

Why we do it

We Love What We Do!

TO DELIVER professional service

Our drivers are highly trained and insured towing professionals that believe in delivering only the highest quality work on every single project – big or small.  If you need a tow truck quick,  that you can trust to do the job right,  then give Norfolk Towing Services a call right now and we will be on our way to help.

You won't find a better towing rate anywhere!

With our company being a full-service company, we can offer our customers affordable options for all of their towing/roadside assistance needs. We don’t have to raise our prices in order to offer you a broad range of services.



We continuously strive to enhance our strong working relationships with all of our customers by delivering our towing services on time and for a fair and honest quote. We enjoy working as partners with the client throughout the vehicle service, whether it is a simple tow, fixing a flat or helping clear out  an accident scene. Thriving on delivering the best service possible it what sets us apart from the competition.

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